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Cox’s Bazar is the prime beach and tourist town in Bangladesh, situated alongside the beach of the Bay of Bengal, beside the Indian ocean, having unbroken 120 Kilometer golden sand beach, reachable through motor transport alongside the wavy water . This town is situated in the Chittagong Division in south-eastern Bangladesh, beside Myanmar (Burma).

Best Time to Travel Cox’s Bazar

Coxs Bazar Weather in August – April: An excellent season to visit Coxs Bazar, the average temperature falls around 85℉. The weather is great for outdoors, the air being moderately humid. This is most likely one of the best times to visit Coxs Bazar and also a tourist high season. In short winter is the best time to travel Cox’s bazar.

Conditions of the beach

World’s longest unbroken beach, which looked like a desert and playground for seashells and crabs, abounds with tourists once again. But none cares about health rules prescribed for protection against the coronavirus-the pandemic that had upended normal order wreaked havoc here, too.

Hundreds of thousands of tourists are coming to visit the sea resort after a ban was lifted amid a respite from the scourge that had held people in home confinement for a long time. The government has imposed various conditions on these tourists, including compliance with the health-hygiene rules.

Tourists appear indifferent towards wearing masks or following hygiene rules even though the district administration and tourist police are miking about awareness. They appear extremely reluctant to maintain social distancing or wear masks. They are giving hundreds of excuses.

Cox’s Bazar At The Top Of Choice , People Of Sylhet Travel More

On a regional basis, the people of Sylhet division travel the most in the country and abroad.

About 18 percent of the households in this department travel. The second highest 15 percent people travel to Rajshahi division.

Abu Taher Mohammad Shoaib, president of the Sylhet Chamber of Commerce and Industry, said the financial condition of the people of Sylhet is better than others as they are expatriates.

That is why they are more prone to travel. Apart from that, many relatives of the people of this area live abroad. So the people here go around the country more.

The Dhaka division is in the third position, where 14% of the people travel. And the people of Mymensingh are the most backward in travel, only 6 percent of the people travel here.

According to BBS, Cox’s Bazar beach is one of the top tourist destinations in Bangladesh. A maximum of 16 percent of tourists prefer to visit the world’s longest beach.

Cox’s Bazar Zone Additional Superintendent of Police Mohiuddin Ahmed said that members of the tourist police are on duty at the beach every day. Earlier, only security was provided, but now miking, patrolling, miking on beach bikes and leaflet distribution among the tourists are being done to make them aware of the additional responsibilities.

More attractions for visitors

Other attractions for visitors are conch shell market, tribal handicraft, salt and prawn cultivation.

  • Himchari: It is about 32 km south of Cox’s Bazar along the beach, a nice place for a picnic and photo-shooting.
  • Inani Beach: It is about 32 km south of Cox’s Bazar and just on the beach, with the sea to the west and a background of steep hills to the east.
  • Maheskhali: An island off the coast of Cox’s Bazar. It has an area of 268 square kilometers. Through the centre of the island and along the eastern coast line rises a range of low hills, 300 feet high.
  • Ramu: This is a typical Buddhist village, about 16 km from Cox’s Bazar, on the main road to Chittagong.
  • Sonadia Island: It is about seven kilometers from Cox’s Bazar and about nine square kilometer in area. The western side of the island is sandy and different kinds of shells are found on the beach.
  • Teknaf: Southernmost tip of Bangladesh, Teknaf situated on the Naaf river and just at the end of the hilly regions of the district.

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